I grew up in New York in a family of great cooks, where food was at the center of every gathering and, as a child, I learned early on that cooking is a beautiful way to express love.

My grandma Angelina ran the corner Italian luncheonette, in a tightly knit neighborhood in the Bronx. She always had a huge pot of "Gravy" simmering behind the counter. As I watched her taking care of her customers and her family, a passion for good food took root in my heart.

Fast forward almost 4 decades with a move to Woodbury; a community that had almost everything growing family would want or need - almost. As much as I loved the community, I missed the small family owned eateries; the neighborhood spots that I grew up with and loved so much.

A move to Brussels, Belgium, 4 years later further fueled the passion for cooking that was instilled in me as a child. I shopped the beautiful markets daily and was reminded of a time when fresh, home cooked meals were the norm in every home. In parts of Europe, this life style is still the norm. When my family moved back to Woodbury in 2005, I had made my decision. I wanted to cook! I wanted to bring a little piece of what I loved about my childhood in New York to Minnesota.

That winter, I shared my desire with neighbors and friends and began cooking out of my home delivering home cooked meals at dinner time to Woodbury families, twice a week. Within 2 months, my list grew to 70 families and it got a little crazy! I had some decisions to make.

I stopped my in-home operation and set out to find a commercial kitchen, and in July of 2006, Angelina's Kitchen opened it's doors as a take out restaurant and caterer.

The first 6 years were an uphill climb as a small independent business in a sea of corporate and chain restaurants, but I was (and am) stubborn. I knew we had something good to offer, and giving up was not an option.

Here we are today, a full service restaurant and wine bar with live entertainment every night, in addition to our catering business.


My sincere hope is that Angelina's will provide you and your loved ones with a place to enjoy good food and hospitality. We look forward to serving you while you create your own great memories around the dinner table.